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My passion is to coach individuals to overcome the various challenges that they experience when having to “Deliver a Presentation” (Public Speaking), but more importantly my core focus is to have participants attain excellence.

My reasons as to Why I coach? I possess a significant drive for attaining the very best results from the individuals that I am privileged to work with and coach, my goal is to substantially raise participant’s levels of skill, knowledge, confidence and belief.

I thoroughly enjoy and gain enormous satisfaction in supporting individuals to overcome their unique fears when it comes to public speaking. Why? Because I’m continually astounded and reminded of the enormous potential that each person possesses, once exposed to the right supportive coaching environment, together with effective tools, ones that serve you the speaker, from there it’s amazing what can be achieved.


The “Presentations With A Difference” coaching workshop provides you with a supportive and focussed environment necessary to take your “Presentations” (Public Speaking) to the next level and beyond so as “YOU” standout!


If you would like to explore and significantly expand your “Presentation” excellence and take it to the next level and beyond, then my events are for you. Click the button below to view all of my upcoming events.

What Clients Say...

Peta Blight Mechanical Engineer, CBH Group
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Thanks Maurice! The workshop was brilliant, it was impressive how you managed to simultaneously engage, educate and encourage us all.
Jason GrieveHead of Learning and Development, Gallagher, Melbourne
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The ability to deliver engaging and effective presentations is a critical capability requirement within our business and therefore equipping our staff with best practice key principles and skills to deliver presentations to our clients and internal staff is fundamental to this. I reached out to Maurice after reading the course overview for “Presentations With A Difference” and client testimonials on the JEM Coaching International website. What struck me right away about Maurice was firstly, his deep understanding of public speaking and ability to identify what makes a successful presentation from both the recipients and presenter’s perspectives in any presentation setting and secondly his passion for what he does. Maurice works exclusively on presentation skills and public speaking and that was a huge plus for me. Maurice delivered “Presentations With A Difference” to a number of our senior staff nationally and has received tremendously positive feedback; some of the best feedback I have witnessed in 25+ years leading Learning and Development teams. Maurice has a special ability of creating a safe, but challenging and supportive, environment for delegates who are purposely taken out of their comfort zone to deliver presentations in front of their peers and provided with in the moment feedback. The sessions have been a huge success and I look forward to continuing our partnership.
Rey Rombawa JrSystems & Processes Improvement Engineering - Woodside Energy Ltd
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Maurice provided valuable insights on public speaking, introduced strategies for better presentations, and included some learn-by-doing coaching sessions. The session was engaging, challenging, and a definitely a great learning opportunity. It’s a great indication on how much value one can get from a full coaching program with Maurice.
Andrew DaviesManager, NSW Department of Primary Industries
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Our team greatly benefited from our session. Most of the staff had varying degrees of presenting experience - typically adopted from on-the-job experience rather than as a result of formal training. Maurice was able to engage the group, identify different levels of experience and ability in the room and deliver a session to suit us all. Even the most experienced and competent presenters walked away having learned some new areas of focus for future presentations. Given the high level of engagement and enjoyment experienced by the group I would recommend Maurice to anyone seeking to enhance their presentation skills.
Daniel Paredes Regional Learning Coordinator, Bunnings NSW
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As a Leadership coach and trainer, I found the session to be insightful and necessary. Maurice presents with authenticity and provides you tools to improve your “Presentation Skill Set” within minutes of commencing. The strategies and practical methods that are shared are communicated effectively and succinctly ensuring that the attendee gets the message “Loud and Clear”. The session challenged my perception of myself and clearly showcases how much you can learn just from one session with Maurice. I highly recommend his services and am a strong advocate for JEM Coaching International for anyone looking to improve their ability to present.
Carole Chiu Operations Support, Bankwest
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The presentation skills workshop was a fantastic learning opportunity - very engaging and fun. Maurice is encouraging, genuine and supportive, offering valuable strategies to suit every individual. I highly recommend the "Presentation With A Difference" workshop, it has helped me immensely on my presentation style and confidence.
Lorna MacGregorCEO Lifeline WA
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Maurice recently presented a training session on presentation skills to the Lifeline WA team. The feedback that I received from the session was unanimously positive with one team member telling me that “Maurice’s presentation was one of the best I have attended in over 20 years of corporate work.” The training was interesting and informative and Maurice’s style was described as engaging, encouraging and warm.
Christopher SimpsonAssistant Director - Organsational Learning, ACIC, Canberra
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Maurice presented a very professional, knowledgeable and practical workshop on public speaking which impacted our staff greatly. They are now highly motivated to practise what they have learnt and whilst still a little nervous the participants have got their butterflies flying in formation.
Michael Collins Principal, CF Global
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I recently attended "Presentations With A Difference” by Maurice Berettieri, WOW! This workshop was without doubt one of the best practical coaching sessions I have attended. Maurice is authentic and incredibly engaging, his delivery is innovative, fun and memorable. I came away with a renewed confidence and look forward to putting the experience from this workshop into practice. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending his services and this workshop to anyone wanting to improve their public speaking skills.
Scott MitchellSenior Client Manager, Brentnalls, Western Australia
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I recently attended the “Presentations With A Difference” workshop and I highly recommend it to anyone. If you are new to public speaking or a seasoned veteran, I can confidently say that you will gain valuable insight on how to deliver better presentations by understanding the principles of effective communication, delivering a clear and concise message, engaging with an audience and projecting confidence. Maurice’s guidance and feedback have been invaluable for how I present now and in the future
Simon SeebaluckEntrepreneur
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Thanks Maurice, the "Presentations With A Difference” workshop, it was an amazing day and beautifully delivered.
Debra Fullarton Managing Director, CA Direct
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Maurice delivered “Presentations With A Difference” in an engaging manner that provided strategies and techniques to enable you to make a significant difference to your delivery of future presentations. The workshop was interactive and practical, providing you with tangible growth. Maurice is authentic and driven to make a difference and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone wanting to improve their public speaking skills.
Barend MeiringSecretary, Project Management Institute, Western Australia
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“Presentations With A Difference” was an insightful look into the “art of being a presenter”. With many of us returning to in-person engagements, the session reinforced what it takes to be an engaging and memorable presenter.
Heath Jones Director, Active & Ageless, Sydney
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I came to Maurice as an absolute amateur in the public speaking world. What I learnt in our face-to-face and virtual sessions has really given me the confidence to present to a large audience on a topic I am extremely passionate about. Maurice’s attention to detail and his feedback after each session was invaluable. He is extremely passionate about what he does, he is exceptionally competent and an all-round stand-up guy. I will have absolutely no hesitation in using his coaching services again before my next big event and I also could not recommend him enough to others.

A powerful and inspirational presentation incorporates the “Verbal, Vocal and Visual”, your words provide the direction, your voice the passion, your presence the congruency

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