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My passion is to coach individuals to overcome the various challenges that they experience when having to “Deliver a Presentation” (Public Speaking / Effective Communication), but more importantly my core focus is to have participants attain excellence.

My reasons as to Why I coach? I possess a significant drive for attaining the very best results from the individuals that I am privileged to work with and coach, my goal is to substantially raise participant’s levels of skill, knowledge, confidence and belief.

I thoroughly enjoy and gain enormous satisfaction in supporting individuals to overcome their unique fears when it comes to public speaking. Why? Because I’m continually astounded and reminded of the enormous potential that each person possesses, once exposed to the right supportive coaching environment, together with effective strategies, ones that serve you the speaker, from there it’s amazing what can be achieved.

The Fear (False, Evidence, Appearing, Real) of presenting stops most people in their tracks, it doesn’t have to be this way, the simple act of “Stepping Up” and be willing to share your valuable message together with quality coaching is all it takes to start you on your personal journey to be a “Great Presenter and Speaker”.

My commitment to you as your coach will be to support you to “Stand and Deliver” a presentation so as to “Engage, Inform and Inspire” your audience and to “Stand Out”. I will provide you with the tools to overcome obstacles, distractions or fears, ones that may have previously held you back from reaching your full and true potential.

My ideal clients are:

If you would like to explore and significantly expand your “Presentation Skills” excellence and take it to the next level and beyond, I’d love to support you in that personal journey.

It’s time to “Unleash That Gifted Speaker Within” !!!

To Your Success
Maurice Berettieri

An outstanding presenter is one who displays the “Passion, Belief and Skill”

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