The Coach is someone who gets you to do what you don’t want to do so that you can be who you want to be

The “Presentations With A Difference” coaching immersion workshop provides you with a supportive and focused environment necessary to take your “Presentations” (Public Speaking) to the next level and beyond so as “YOU” standout !!!

Speaking Training

If your “Professional or Personal” goal  is to:

Then please join me in the “Presentations With A Difference” one day immersion workshop, specifically designed to bring out your very best when speaking and sharing your valued message.

Through this interactive workshop you will identify:
Workshop Outcomes / Benefits:
Enhanced communication and presentation skills will greatly assist you to:

It’s time to “Unleash That Gifted Speaker Within” !!!

Open Programs (Nationally)

Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast
(View events page).

In-House Workshops (Nationally):

Alternatively if your preferred option would be to conduct and in-house customised workshop for your specific teams, that too can be easily accommodated (View contact page).

When your presentation connects with both the “hearts and minds” of your audience, you will be crafting and defining one of the major aspects of leadership

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